Harvest Impression Plaza

Quanzhou Jialin Commercial Plaza Project

》》》Project Background《《《

Location Introduction

Jialin Commercial Plaza locates in Luojiang District, which contains 6 towns and 86 villages in Quanzhou City. Covering an area of 374.81and 210thousand residents, the district is the significant area of the city’s east expansion strategy as well as the ancestral home of overseas Chinese. The GDP of the district is 15.46billion RMB and the GNP is 73.4thousand RMB.

Project Information

1) Jialin Plaza locates in the intersection of Wanfu Street, Luojiang District and the Fuzhou-Xiamen Expressway. Covering an area of 376acre and the area of structure is 672thousand.

2) The project is a four floor mall of approximately 19thousand.

3) The plaza lies in Qiaonan Community, west of Jiangbin Road, north of Wanfu Road south of Luoyang Bridge, the transportation is very convenient.

Surrounding Commercial Environment

1) The plaza locates in the political, economic and cultural center of the district.

2) The site is surrounded by high-end residence and high quality consumers.

3) There are more than 20 schools within 3 kilometers.

4) There are more than 80thousand residents within 3 kilometers.

Business Development Position

1) The plaza will be regarded as the best education and training organization in Quanzhou City.

2) The plaza will become the supporting facility of shopping for surrounding communities.

3) There will be a food street in the plaza.

4) It will be the first choice for high-income groups.

》》》Business Pattern《《《

Business Commercial Position

Construct the plaza as the most characteristic shopping mall in Luojiang District with multiple formats,demands and one-step shopping.

Analysis of Core Location

Since there have been several large mature shopping mall in or beside this area and this project is not that big, the traditional shopping center is lack of competitiveness, thus will we build a thematic business complex.

The extra education training market has been developing rapidly, but most of these organizations are individuals and there are seldom educational complex around them. To take the lead, the project is going to make a thematic complex combining education, supporting facilities and food streets together.

Currently the main consumers of complex has been changed from the 1970s and 1980s to 1990s and new generations who pay more attention to the environment and atmosphere. Thus the inside part of the plaza will be fashionable.

Formats Planning

1) Educational training including early education, extra-curricular training and quality-oriented education.

2) Catering services including theme restaurants and speciality catering.

3) Supporting facilities including fresh food market, fashion retail, department and leisure stores.

4) Places for children including clothes, toys and recreation ground.

》》》Investment Attracting Plan《《《

Lease Structure

Preferential Policy

1) Tenancy Term Policy

For large restaurants: 5-8 years

For education and training: 5-8 years

For fast food and speciality catering: 3-5 years

For children and leisure: 3-5 years

For fresh food markets: 8-10 years

For selective retail and department store: 3-5 years

2) Contract Extension Strategy

A. We will provide flexible policy for famous brands to promise the realize of long-term rent.

B. We will provide preferential policy for developing brands to insure the further development of quality and rents.

3) Decoration Period

For large restaurants: 3-6 months

For education and training: 3-4 months

For fast food and speciality catering: 1-2 months

For children and leisure: 1-3 months

For fresh food markets: 3-6 months

For selective retail and department store: 2-4 months

4) Rent-free Period

For large restaurants: 3 months

For education and training: 1 months

For fast food and speciality catering: 1 months

For children and leisure: 1 months

For fresh food markets: 3-6 months

For selective retail and department store: 3 months

Entering Process

1) Contact influential brands beforehand

2) Motivate interest of clients towards the project

3) Arrange field due diligence for clients

4) Continuously change client’s cognition to the project by merchants activities

5) Negotiation about leasing terms

6) Receive the deposit and sign up the letter of intent and lease contract

About Harvest Holdings

Harvest Holdings was founded in 2017, and is headquartered in Shenzhen. We specializes in making fully use of financial tools and capital thoughts as well as making comprehensive arrangements for industrial upgrading and its transforming process and creating value in accordance with the new period , new environment and new normal . The contributed capital of Shenzhen Harvest Holdings Groups Co., Ltd., the parent company , has reached RMB 100 million . By the middle of 2018 , the total value of our group's assets has reached over 5 billion . Our group owns financial licenses of private equity , financial lease and commercial factoring at present.

The state's industrial policies are the guidelines on which we base our development orientation, and professional talents are the key to our core competitiveness. We firmly hold our grounds in the capital market to provide our comprehensive service for the real economy. The businesses of our subsidiary companies cover a wide range of fields including retailing, cultural town tourism, industrial and agricultural intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, the 'big health' industry, and the capital management. We have formed a'closed loop'ecosystem that links investment, finance, management, and refund for the real industry, authentically practicing the core value of 'serving the real economy through the capital'.Harvest Holdings sticks to the nation’s The Belt and Road policy , taking active part in making overall arrangement for infrastructure construction and livelihood projects transformation of countries along the Belt and Road . Our group has spent hundreds of millions of RMB to complete the mergers and acquisitions to a mine company in the Republic of Namibia and gained the mining right of lithium , diamond , copper , plumbum , zinc , dolomite mines and so on . At the invitation of Sam Nujoma , the first president of Namibia , Harvest Holdings is now making preparation for the African branch office . The government will provide Harvest Holdings with licence of insurance and bank as well as inviting us to carry out bilateral cooperation in aspect like supply chain trade and finance .

Apart from the fast development of target companies that we invested in, the group has also ushered new strategic investors and stepped into a new stage. The Linchuan Industry and Technology Innovation Investment Co., Ltd, which belongs to the Bureau of Finance of Linchuan District, invested Harvest Holdings strategically with a stake of 20%. Meanwhile, the Shanghai Tianlan Enterprise Development Co., Ltd, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Lantian Headquaters which is a central enterprise belongs to the Ministry of Agriculture invested Harvest Holdings with a stake of 29%. As a result, Harvest Holdings has become a mixed-ownership industrial holding group consists of state-owned enterprises, central enterprises and private capital.

Harvest Holdings homes many elite consultant group and talents. Our consultants and talents are both professional and effective, with backgrounds of working at the Central Bank, state ministries and commissions, China Development Bank, and the Ivy League. All of them are our foundation and guarantee for the sustained development of the company. Having implemented the preliminary development plans, the company is now on its way to setting up subsidiaries and direct branch companies in many cities including Shenzhen, Hongkong, Beijing, Xiamen, Dalian, Suzhou, Fochow, Fuqing, Sanming, Harbin, Fuzhou, Nanchang, Yudu, and Tianjin.