YiTang Culture and Design

The non-stop society and different kinds of lives forms a touchable picture called future for us. After busy and hurry, it is hardly possible to seek for the origin. Everyone in the city has a dream about Utopia and that is what make us stop our step and begin to explore the true meaning of minimalism, this is also how YiTang comes into being.

As it is said in the Tao Teh King, one to three, three of everything. One is the initial of everything and the original beauty, it is also the art of minimalism.

Tang is the carrier of combination, gathering in one place and party in one place.

YiTang advocates for the beauty of simple and attitudes towards minimalism. It is a practice to make people feel slow and steady. By combining intangible cultural skill and modern technology together, giving new story and soul to the brand and the minimalist design philosophy, we gather all beautiful stuff in daily life together and we perform the elegance of artistic conception incisively and vividly.

Beautiful  Culture and Life

Sitting by the water, enjoying tea and drawing and poem with friends is always an elegant activity for ancient men of literature and poets.

White, being as a colour, is a symbol of minimalism. YiTang fits the intangible cultural elements into white tea and white ceramic to let our guests enjoy the aesthetic space of tea-tasting in a warm, sweet, simple and elegant atmosphere.

YiTang selects superior white tea form Fuding, which is the original area of the white tea, and white ceramic tea set from Dehua, where is the hometown of white ceramic, and connect these two together. Enjoying white tea with white ceramic tea sets. The colour of the tea is limpid and bright while the mild of the ceramic is revealed. YiTang is using a minimalist design style to show a extremely simple atmosphere and explain the tea culture.

It is the taste, the appeal, the atmosphere and the poetry expression that make each scenery real and emotional. YiTang found its inspiration from the ancient masterpiece, the Orchid Pavilion, and bring the concept of flowing water and drinking vessel into the space design, illustrating the ancient activity of tea, poem and drawing with modern ideas to reveal the zen feeling of traditional tea culture and build a multifunctional new tea space.

What’s more, to preferably inherit the intangible cultural heritage and develop the traditional Chinese culture, YiTang will invite experts of intangible cultural heritage to make performance of the art and skill of the heritage in YiTang’s tea house. These experts from all over the nation will rediscover the attitude towards inheritance of these skills and will also decorate products of YiTang with intense cultural meaning.

The YiTang custom design is based on the intangible cultural concept, we will package these stories according to the characteristics of each product and give each product an unique personality. Due to the custom’s demand, we will add characteristics of clients into the product so that the design will be unparalleled and unmatched.

The minimalist theme build by YiTang is not only unite stuff and idea together, but also permeate the attitude into every single aspect of daily life. This thought bring us the idea of YiTang Homestay. We bring the tea, ceramic, the intangible culture and minimalist life into pensions so that we can provide a tranquil private space in the noisy city for high level clients.

The light in the pension is so soft, quiet and sweet that everyone lives in it can find some comfort here and get rid of the noise of the world. The decoration style is based on our minimalist idea in order to provide a place for people who want to find their original heart back.

The YiTang Homestay is not only a pension, but also a brilliant chamber for cultivating oneself in the nature.

From culture and products to pension and life pattern, YiTang will eventually build a one-stop adjective cultural town. The town combines tea, ceramic, handiwork and pension together to radiate our core mind and value of life to surrounding rural countries and natives towns. The cultural town uses intangible culture and minimalist method to show different attitudes towards life and design a ingenious land of idyllic beauty for office workers, so that they can experience a leisure atmosphere and cultural characteristics of YiTang.

YiTang Culture, YiTang Life

Culture in One, Party Together

We do believe that the beautiful culture and life is coming soon.