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Enterprise Introduction

Xiamen Laiyinsi Science and Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech company specializes in the research and development of electric fire monitor system. The company leeches on to famous electromechanical system health monitor technology research center of universities nationwide. The company has been focusing on the development of arc fault detective device and owns a strong professional team.

In recent years, with the marvelous development of economy and society and increase of household electrical equipment, the amount of electrical fire has been rising year after year. The company inherits the modern awareness of electric fire prevention and acquires the recognition from other enterprise customer by innovation, specific design and service philosophy. The company has many utility patents and inventions especially the fault arc detector developed by the company itself has become the benchmark of its industry in domestic market.

The company has had maturing products such as specific AFDD, branch AFDD, compound AFDD products and so on. The company does not only have high requirement for its products and service, but also have the same attitude towards its business value. The company will be keeping itself directed by high technology and strive for being the leader in its industry.

Scientific Research and Patent

The company has a professional and high quality team led by experts from universities and institutions. Being as the first group specialize in the arc fault detection system, they have witnessed the fast development of electric safety field and accumulated abundant theoretical knowledge and practical experience which make them the leader in this field. The team is so energetic and innovative that they are eager to meet the challenges and contribute to the improvement of electric safety circumstance in China.

Core of Scientific Research

Founded in 2012, the company leeched on to electromechanical system health monitor technology research center of domestic universities. Years later, the company started to have technical cooperation and practice with China Academy of Building Research and reached several technological achievements. In recent years, the company has acquired lots of patents and won many awards.

Analysis of Technological Advantage of the Fault Arc Detector

The temperature of fault arc, also known as the spark, is very high and it has metal splashing when it happens. The fault arc is also the primary cause of electric fire. Comparing to the common miniature circuit breaker and the earth leakage breaker, the fault arc detector is irreplaceable for preventing electric fire. The detector is able to monitor accurately and give alarms, it is of great significance for preventing electric fire.

National Authorization

Founded in 1985, the China National Supervision and Test Center for Fire Electronic Quality is the first supervision and test center authorized by the nation. The Layinsi fault arc detector is the first product in its industry that acquired the authorized certification from the China National Supervision and Test Center for Fire Electronic Quality.