Talent development system of Harvest Holdings:

  • Welfare

    housing allowance
    car supply plan and education subsidy of children

  • Career

    increase of individual working ability and management ability

  • Capability

    development platform
    wealth accumulation

  • Vision

    stock and option incentive system of the group

Team Concept

Equality, respect, participation and excellence are our enterprise culture.

● Thus we advocate that everyone is equal in front of opportunities and one should promote himself to progress.

● Each employee shall be respected so that opinions can be fed back and ideas can be achieved.

● The company belongs to everyone, so as the success and achievements.

● We will say no to mediocrity and chase for excellence.

Harvest is a participative platform undertaking livelihood of every employee,
thus each of us will strive together for a better living.

Harvest is a platform of business and creation,
everyone has opportunities in this platform to show his talent and achieve his goal.

Harvest is also a platform that gathers elites.
We call for efficiency and eager for excellence. We believe that the world will be better with the existence of us.