Harvest Medical: Promoting the Cooperation with Sanming University in Big Health Industry

Release Date:2019-10-17

On October 15, Mr. Chen Xixiong, ViceChairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of QingliuCounty, together with Xie Meili, Chief of Investment Promotion Division ofIndustry and Technology Bureau and Wang Yuhong, Vice Dean of Sport and RecoverySchool of Sanming University visited the headquarter of Harvest Holdings inShenzhen.

Before the visitation, Harvest Holdings hassigned comprehensive cooperation agreement about the characteristic tourismresources with Qingliu County, therefore, the details about the project isdiscussed during the visit this time.

The Qingliu County Government has workedtogether with Sanming University to put forward the Heart-relaxation Valleyproject to build the national level recovery complex in China. The county ownsparticular advantages in culture, scenery and ecological resources, therefore,under the background of Health China 2030 policy, the county is expected tobecome a health ecological area based on natural recovery and rehabilitation.

Nowadays there are more than 2.2 hundredmillion population that older than 60 years old. Elder nursing has become apopular topic currently, as well as the increasing demand on it.Internationally, the elder nursing tourism is named as medical health tour,which has been widely accepted by more than 100 countries.

The health keeping method prompted byQingliu County and Sanming University has its own uniqueness of solving thehealth keeping as well as recovery issue of elders. Therefore, the project hasexcellent market prospect.

‘ We have been fully prepared in governmentresources and university technologies,’ said by Vice Chairman Chen Xixiong, ‘we hope to introduce in those enterprises with strength to form a completechain including government, enterprise and university to assist the deepresource development.’

Harvest Holdings has been paying attentionon the development and operation of characteristic tourism as a important partof the Harvest Real Estate. Board Chairman Lin Chenghai has been to QingliuCounty several times and highly appreciated the culture, environment andresources there.

‘About the details in the implementation ofthe project’ said by Mr. Cai Xiaohua, Chairman of Harvest Medical Group, ‘Harvest has completed the layout in this field. We will cooperate with SanmingUniversity to cultivate talents as well as develop health sport outpatientservice. In the end, by incorporating the product base, we will increase bothwidth and depth of the project to prepare for better future.’

During the conversation, both sides alsohad an in-depth exchange and discussion on the return on investment and budgetof the project, project operation, brand building and marketing.In theafternoon, accompanied by Guo Lei, CEO of Harvest Doctor Group, the guestsinvestigated the Harvest Community Health Service Center in Luohu District.