Ms. Tong Chunfeng, Expert in Preschool Education, Joined Harvest Holdings

Release Date:2019-09-23

On September 19, Ms. Tong Chunfeng, expert in preschool education of Shenzhen, joined Harvest Holdings as the co-founder and CEO of Infant Education Sector which belongs to Harvest Education.

Ms. Tong Chunfeng

Committee Member, China Committee of Teacher Professional Development
Well-known infant education expert in China
Secretary-general, International Childhood Education Communication Committee
Expert of Online Education of Guangdong University of Education
Education Expert of FM89.8, Shenzhen Media Group
Specially Invited Infant Education Expert of the Super Mom
Chief Education Officer, Shenzhen Leanpei Education
Specially Invited Education Consultant of Shenzhen Mom Online
Specially Invited Education Expert of Baby Mom of Tencent

Graduated from infant education major, Ms. Tong Chunfeng started her business since 1997. she has been spreading parenting tips to needy mothers across the country through newspapers, magazines, radio and the internet in all these years. She is also the first tier of teachers in the Shenzhen Experimental Preschool Education Group as well as the national outstanding teacher and advanced educator of Futian District. The teaching activities were rated as the national experimental project teaching and research activities excellent examples, and a number of educational papers published won the first prize of Chinese journal of early childhood education.

Our Insight:

The infant education among children between 0-7 years old can be divided into three periods including 0-3,3-6 and the connecting period from kindergarten to primary school. For children between 0 and 3 years old, we focuses on those works and opportunities that being advocated by the government as well as capable of solving social problems.

Firstly, our organizations are benefit to the second-child policy. Secondly, we can help solve the contradiction between work and common life of city residents as well as relieve the social phenomenon that pare