Harvest Medical Group Launches its First Batch of Cooperation Projects

Release Date:2019-08-21

On August 19, Harvest Medical Group signedmemorandum of cooperation respectively with Luohu Cuida Community HealthService Center and Jingan Community Health Service Center, the two centers areassigned as the designated service unit for Harvest Medical Group. The medicalgroup and the centers will cooperate strategically in management level andservice ability. Mr. Lin Chenghai, Board Chairman of Harvest Holdings, Ms. GuoLei, CEO of Harvest Medical Group, Mr. Guo Jiankun, Director of Cuida CommunityHealth Service Center and Mr. Guo Qinglin, Director of Jing’an Community HealthService Center attended the opening ceremony.

Consists of community health service centeroperation, medical management and doctor group, Harvest Medical Group is asignificant part of Harvest Health Sector. Harvest Medical Group will perfectits nationwide distribution in three years and promote the basic medicalinstitution construction by fully using its high quality resources and teams.In the future, the group will form its own management style and service conceptto build the most original private medical group in China.

Brief Introduction about Harvest DoctorGroup

On October 25,2016, the outline of "healthy China 2030"issued by the state council clearly pointed out that "innovation is madein the use, mobility and service delivery mode of medical personnel, and activeexploration is made in the free practice of doctors, and individual doctorssign contracts with medical institutions or form medical groups.This is thefirst time that "free practice" has been included in the document of"national name", and it is also the first time that "medicalgroup" has been included in the document of "national name".Thisrepresents the advent of the "market era" for doctors.

Doctors are the scarceresource in medical field, all the difficulties doctors face after leavinghospitals are the main agitation in the development of doctor group. HarvestDoctor Group creates the brand new mode, platform+group+broker, to servepatients better by setting doctors free.


Internal Environment:Harvest Medical will build a high-end national chain medical platform so thatthe doctor group can make circulatory service inside the platform to provideconvenience for both doctors and patients.

External Environment:the platform will cooperate with other independent medical platform to bring abetter place with diversity.

Doctor Group: Threedifferent parts of doctor team will be established including aspects in projectresearch, hospital collocation and treatment service. It is not only a commonworking place for doctors, but also a warm-hearted homeland that the group istrying to achieve.

Medical Broker:

Doctors are a specialgroup of people which needs good balance in social value and business value. Asa result, the key of marketization is costumed service, supplementary operationand reasonable arrangement. The Harvest Doctor Group has brokers with more thanten years of medical media operation experience to set our doctor free and helpthem focus on medical work.

The market istransforming, and all doctor groups in China is innovating as well asdiscovering. The nationalized platform, accurate medical treatment andprofessionalized operation are the motivation of further development andbroader future.