Harvest Holdings’ Senior Executive Team Gathered in Shenzhen to Discuss the Further Development

Release Date:2019-07-03

On July 2, all area principals of Harvest Holdings gathered in the Shenzhen Headquarter to take part in the national senior executive team conference, which is host by Chairman Lin Chenghai of the board. Over twenty executives attended the conference, including vice presidents, area principals and city managers. The summary and review about the operation status of both headquarter and branch offices in the past half year was made during the conference. After the summary, Chairman Lin deployed the important works and missions for the latter half of the year.

With the coming of July, each project of the group will step into a new phase of accomplishment which means that there will be a fast development for the company. Meanwhile, the group will enhance its strength in aspects such as team construction and interior delicacy management to optimize the management ability of the group.

During the conference, the executives reviewed the achievements as well as shortcomings in the first half year. In order to make the group bigger and stronger, both the headquarter and subbranches will accelerate the pace of development to assist the company in achieving its strategic plan and operational goal. In the end, Chairman Lin Chenghai expressed his sincere thanks to the efforts made by all the senior executives and employees, he also expects that more and more talented person or excellent teams will join the Harvest Holdings to plan the development together as well as discuss the future together.