Laiyinsi was Invited to Participate in the 2019 Beijing International Fire Protection Technology and Equipment Exhibition

Release Date:2019-07-01

The 2019 BeijingInternational Fire Protection Technology and Equipment Exhibition has been heldbetween June 26 to June 28 in the China National Convention Center. Theexhibition closely follows the country’s policy and industrial demand as wellas promotes the development of the fire protection industry by the perspectivetechnological discussion, products exhibition and industry-university-researchcooperation. The exhibition also plays a role as a wide communication platformfor users, enterprises, institutions and chambers.


The development level offire protection industry is a significant mark of how the civil economy andsociety is developed. Thanks to the economic growth, more and more investmentshave been done in fire protection industry. As a result, the demand of fireprotection products are growing larger and larger. The construction of safecity, wisdom city and technical fire protection has been carried out bydifferent local governments and the supervision system has been becoming moreand more completed gradually. What’s more, the raise of public safety awarenesshas created advantage for the development of fire protection industry.

Laiyinsi’sAttendance in the Exhibition

Beginning with thefault arc detector project cooperated with universities in 2008 and founded asa company in 2014, Laiyinsi Tech is a researcher as well as manufacturer that focuseson the electric circuit safety detection products and electric fire preventionproducts. The company has acquired several patents for utility models and threepatents for invention. Also the company has gained the certification from theFire Research Institution of the Ministry of Public Security and become thebenchmark in domestic market.

The basiccomposition of the Laiyinsi Electric Fire Monitoring System are the follows:electric fire monitoring equipment, combined electric fire monitor unit, faultarc detector and smart power management platform.

All the productsshares the advantages such as intelligent protection, fire alarm, fire controlnetwork, remote control and multiplex type protection. With the help of theseadvantages, the products can be widely applied in places with dangerous goods,high-rise buildings, public places, resident buildings and historic buildingsto protect the electric safety and prevent the occurrence of electric fire.

Currently thecompany is cooperating with China Academy of Building Research and takes partin the establishment of standards of aged provision buildings and smarthospitals.

The Electric FirePrevention Network Scheme of Laiyinsi

The electric firemonitor system mainly consists of the electric fire monitor equipment, combinedsensor, fault arc detector, management server and platform. The monitoring system supports communicationbetween wired and wireless networks and system services to realizes systemstatus monitoring, parameter management, cross-region remote system monitoringand management.

When an alarm is givenby the detector, the mainframe will be able to monitor the situation and createthe aural and visual alarm as well as document and print the message and sendit to the server. Therefore, the networked management of electric fire can bereached. The alarm will be uploaded to both computer and mobile phone as soonas possible and the three monitoring carrier can send the alarm at the sametime.

The Electric FireMonitoring Products of Laiyinsi

 Electric Fire Monitor Equipment

The appliance isdeveloped according to the National Standard GB14287.1-2014. There are twotypes of appliances, which is the bus-based type and the wireless type due tothe communication method of the detector. When the relevant parameters in theelectrical circuit are abnormal, the monitoring equipment will send out thesound and light alarm, indicating the alarm position, and the field detectorwill send out the light flashing alarm signal to remind the user to check orreplace the hidden danger lines, so as to reduce the risk of fire caused byelectrical reasons.

 Combined Monitor Detector

The combined electricfire monitoring detector is a combination of residual current flow andtemperature measurement. It is combined with residual current transformer andtemperature sensor to integrate leakage current and temperature monitoring.With high integration degree, it greatly improves practicability and meets theapplication environment and demand of current market.

Fault Arc Detector

There are two types offault arc detector: the 220V and the 380V. The fault arc detector not only hasthe function of fault arc detection, but also can suppress the noiseinterference transmitted by the power grid, monitor the power supply voltage ofthe power grid, and protect the indirect lightning or other instantaneousovervoltage surge.This product can monitor, protect and alarm the fault ofelectrical circuit in real time and efficiently.

Compared with thecommon miniature circuit breakers, earth leakage circuit breaker, arc faultdetector to prevent electric fire has irreplaceable importance, for all kindsof electric arc electric fires, detector can accurate monitoring, alarm, belowthe electric fire prevention has very important function, and function of thedifference between the three as bellow:

The Laiyinsi Cloud Platform

By combining the appliances, computers, APPand phone calls, together with using new technologies like internet of things,cloud calculation, big data and mobile internet, the platform will speed up theconstruction of smart fire prevention and power safety. Moreover, the platformis capable of promoting the integration of information and fire protection andreach the transformation from traditional fire prevention to the modern kind.


LaiyinsiWisdom Power Management Platform.

The platform is the management platform forelectric safety on the computer. The advantages are: accurate location,real-time monitoring, safe and stable data, remote control and low maintaincost. The functions are: data management, positioning, project management,remote management, real-time alarm, analysis and document management.

LaiyinsiWisdom Power APP

The APP provides real, accurate andeffective alarm, fault and operation messages for all users to improve thetechnological method of fire prevention. The advantages of the APP are: bigdata monitoring, remote monitor, alarm and fault upload, positioning andon-site report uploading.

Case Show

Daqing Dashang Group

The Fuzhou Taijiang First Central PrimarySchool

Quanzhou Kaiyuan Temple

Quanzhou Shaolin Temple