Harvest Holdings was Invited to Visit Longyan for Investigation and Reached the Preliminary Cooperation Intention with Longyan Cultural Tourism Group

Release Date:2019-06-25

On June 20, invited by Longyan InvestmentAttracting Service Company as well as accompanied by Manager Su from LongyanCultural Tourism Group, Director Zhang Jinghuang led the Harvest Construction,Education and Capital team to investigate the kindergarten project owned byLongyan Women’s Federation.

During the investigation, Vice PresidentLin Weiqi made a detailed introduction about the educational and managementadvantages of Harvest Kindergarten of Chinese Academy of Science to leadersfrom the local merchants department.

In the afternoon, hosted by Deputy DirectorGeneral Zhang Jiguang from Longyan Bureau of Commerce, the meeting betweenHarvest Holdings’ team and Longyan Bureau of Education, Health and FamilyPlanning Commission, Financial Bureau, Merchant Company and Cultural TourismGroup was held in the conference room of the Bureau of Commerce.

During the meeting, General Zhang made anintroduction about the basic condition and key industries of the city firstly,then Vice President Lin Weiqi illustrated the business sectors and importantareas of Harvest Holdings. Meanwhile, the principal of Longyan Bureau ofEducation introduced the development situation of local non-government fundededucation to the Harvest Education team, and stated that there will be supportsas well as preferences in policies and taxation. Moreover, Manager Su from theCultural Tourism Group introduced the status of its kindergarten. Due to thestatement, the decoration period is coming to an end and the cooperationbetween experienced group is expected.

Both sides has reached agreement inindustrial cooperation, the leaders from the Bureau of Commerce expressed theirexpectation of further cooperation with Harvest Holdings in the future andsincerely welcomes enterprises from great bay area to invest in Longyan. Thefinancial bureau also expressed their intention that Harvest Holdings will becapable of cooperating with local government in government guidance fund,overseas financing of state-owned enterprises in the future.