Invited by two State-owned Enterprises of Hunan Province, Harvest Holdings will Probably Participate in the Local Shantytown Reconstruction Project

Release Date:2019-06-18

( Group News) On June 1, invited byexecutive director, general manager Yi Xianghui of Jiuhua City ConstructionInvestment Co., Ltd, Chairman Lin Chenghai, real estate team and medicalbusiness team of Harvest Holdings visited the headquarter of Jiuhua CityConstruction Investment.

During the meeting, manager Yi made adetailed introduction about the business sectors of Jiuhua City ConstructionInvestment, which include shantytown reformation, primary and secondary landdevelopment and the operation of water power as well as health industry ofHunan Developmen to the Harvest Holdings’ team. Chairman Lin expressed hissincere thanks to manager Yi’s invitation and introduced the businesscondition, marketing and strategic layout of Harvest Holdings to JiuhuaInvestment. According to the introduction, Harvest Holdings is a group companythat focuses on industrial investment. Current the group has five main sectorsincluding real estate, health, education, venture capital and international.The group has been concentrating on the investment, incubation, cultivation,development of livelihood-related enterprises with the concept of focusing onindustry, serving your life to build the ecosphere of livelihood services.

Both sides decided to carry out deepcooperation in the following three aspects: firstly, Harvest Holdings will runfull industry chain cooperation with Jiuhua Investment in shantytown renovationand placement construction. Secondly, Harvest Holdings will assist thetransformation and marketization of local economy by integrating the advancedsectors of the company with the industries among the projects of JiuhuaInvestment. Thirdly, the cooperative intention of agricultural projects hasbeen established as well as expected.

In the noon time, Harvest Holdings arrivedat the Xiangtan Daxihe Urban Shantytown Renovation for meeting and discussion.Vice Secretary, General Manager Ma Junfeng expressed his thanks to the sincerearrival of Harvest Holdings. During the conversation, Manager Ma said that theDaxihe Shantytown Renovation project is the main point of this meeting, hehopes that they can cooperate with Harvest Holdings in asset reformation, fundintroduction, industrial operation and business management.