Harvest Holdings’ Visit on its Namibian Branch and Signing of Multiple International Cooperation Agreement

Release Date:2019-09-10

On September 2, Harvest Holdings’ BoardChairman, Lin Chenghai, took the team of the group to the Republic of Namibia.The team was warmly welcomed by local government and business representativesafter its arrival.

On September 3, led by Mr. Lin Chenghai,the team began its commercial activities of the first day.

Harvest Holdings signed the equity transfer agreement with Iron Will Investment, a famous European mining investment company.

In the morning, Harvest Holdings signed theequity transfer agreement with Iron Will Investment, a famous European mininginvestment company. Harvest Holdings transferred 20% of the equity of diamondmine No.6822 to the Iron Will Investment. As a result, the well-known mininginvestment company will cooperate with Harvest Holdings to exploit mineralresources together. Meanwhile, the operation efficiency of the diamond minewill be increased thanks to the participation of international mining capitalinvestment company. At the same time, Harvest Holdings will be capable ofgaining abundant cash flow by equity transfer.

In the noon time, the team was welcomed by Dr. Sam Nujoma, the founding president of Namibia and held a meeting at his mansion.

In the noon time, the team was welcomed byDr. Sam Nujoma, the founding president of Namibia and held a meeting at hismansion. Being as the old friend of Harvest Holdings, Dr. Nujoma appreciatedMr. Lin’s visit and welcomed the team with open arms. During the meeting, Mr.Lin made a report about the investment and developing condition of HarvestHoldings in Namibia. Harvest Holdings stays optimistic about the developingprospect of Namibia, the group will incorporate a international finance companyto establish international finance service as well as enhance the investment inNamibia in the coming future to strive for positive contribution to localeconomy.

After listening the report, Dr. Sam Nujoma said that he will make continuous support about businesses of the group in Namibia as well as provide convenience and assistance in policy, licenses and administrative affairs.

Harvest Holdings’ team went to KingswayGroup, a famous local enterprise, to discuss the business cooperation inNamibia.

In the afternoon, Harvest Holdings’ teamwent to Kingsway Group, a famous local enterprise, to discuss the businesscooperation in Namibia. Chairman Xie made a introduction about businesscondition in Namibia including old house modification, infrastructureconstruction and non-performing asset management. Chairman Xie wants tocooperate with experienced Chinese Group to combine resource with capital toinfluence local market.

The Kingsway Group has acquired financiallicenses including petty loan, asset management and funds management. HarvestHoldings has been concentrating on the exploration of its internationalbusiness, said by Mr. Lin Chenghai, Board Chairman of Harvest Holdings, thegroup is very interested in cooperating with Kingsway Group. In the future,Harvest Holdings will incorporate a international financial group in Singaporeto establish businesses in internationalization of RMB. Harvest Holdings isexpected to cooperate with Kingsway Group to incorporate the local financialgroup and acquire full financial licenses including banking, insurance and trustin the coming new year. By relying on advantages of each other, both sides willcontribute to local industrial development. After the conference, the two sidessigned the strategic cooperation agreement to establish cooperation across theAfrica based in Namibia.

After meeting with Kingsway Group, the teamwas invited to hear the report about business environment in Namibia of foreignenterprises presented by the General Inspector of Local Police Administration.