Henela Island Investment, the Subsidiary of Harvest Holdings in Namibia, successfully acquired the Mining Right of Golden Granite EPL6908

Release Date:2019-03-19

It was early spring in March that the Henela Island Investmentsuccessfully acquired and merged the EPAKO One Zero One Investment and itsmining right of golden granite EPL6908 in Namibia thanks to the sustainableefforts and investigations made by CEO Allen Wu and his colleagues.

The diggings EPL6908 lies in Omaruru, it is 265km from Walvis Bay,the biggest harbour city in Namibia, and 208km from the capital Windhoek. Thelongitude of the diggings is 15°3834E and the latitude is 21°109S. Thealtitude of the diggings is 1240m and the area covers 19302.2051 hectare.

The Omaruru area is administered by the Erongo Region. Lies next tothe Omaruru river, the city was built in May 22nd, 1872 and thepopulation reached 4800 by 2010. The infrastructures in this area such aselectricity, communication and water supply is relatively perfect, thetransportation position of the working area is shown as followed:

In the merge and acquisition this time, Mr. Allen Wu has beensticking to the Belt and Road Strategy and put the thought of focusing onindustry, serving your life into practice. Despite of all the difficulties, Mr.Allen Wu has been to the site for investigation many times with his colleagues.Eventually the merge was completed under several rounds of negotiations. Bothsides has reached cooperation in a friendly circumstance and made a good startfor the exploitation of EPL6908.

The successful merge of EPL6908 has further enriched the sorts ofmining rights of Henela Investment. What’s more, this is also a giant step ofthe internationalization of Harvest Holdings. The exploitation is expected tostarted this year. Due to prior investigations and researches, local employmentrate will be raised after the start of exploitation, as a result, the educationlevel, living standard and financial economy in local area will be boosted.According to the exploitation of dolomite ore previously, the exploitation ofEPL6908 will bring more benefits and profits to the group. The operation ofmining accords with the Belt and Road Strategy by making fully use ofadvantages of both sides. Furthermore, both Harvest Holdings and Namibian sideswill form a mutual beneficial cooperation and make great contribution for thelong last friendship between Chinese and African people.