Harvest Holdings' CEO Zengfeng Lin Has Had a Warm and Friendly Meeting with Philippine Solid Group's Founder Joseph Lim

Release Date:2018-12-10

In Dec. 16th ,Harvest Holdings’ CEO Zengfeng Lin and Philippine Solid Group Inc.’s founder, chairman of Philippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce Joseph Lim in Shenzhen JW Marriott Hotel. Two sides exchanged views about economic development circumstances of major countries of ASEAN, foreign investment condition and investment opportunities of domestic companies in countries along the Belt and Road during the meeting.

Joseph Lim highly praised Harvest Holdings’ positive response to the Belt and Road policy and investments in Southeast Asia. ‘Solid Group has been chasing for innovation since the day it was founded, by the time of the Belt and Road policy of the motherland, we believe that we have many cooperation chances with Harvest Holdings and both sides can advance together to bring giant economic dividends to countries along the Belt and Road.’ Said by Joseph Lim.

Two sides also talked about the development conditions of Philippine industry and combination of financial tools and industrial economy and further strategical cooperation. ‘Joseph Lim is a famous oversea Chinese merchant and the founder of Philippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Philippine Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce. For many years has Mr.Lim been focusing on charity activities and contributing to the society. His company built affordable houses for local poor people and factories to provide job opportunities.’ Said Zengfeng Lin, CEO of Harvest Holdings, ‘we need to learn more about Mr.Lim’s innovation and charity spirit.’

By the end of the meeting, Mr.Joseph Lim invited Mr.Zengfeng Lin to visit the headquater of Solid Group in Philippines to tamp the achievements of the meeting this time and carry out cooperation as soon as possible.

Solid Group Inc. is a listed company with more than 60 years history. The company has many branch offices in Manila, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Shenzhen and Guangxi, its business sectors cover communication, electron industry, information technology, hotel and real estate and so on.