Unlock Health Concept of New Era

Being as a expert in biotechnology aspect, our CEO Zengfeng Lin used to be senior manager of the Merck and JNJ, thus he has abundant professional knowledge in medical and biotechnological aspect and human resources.

Harvest Holdings has reached cooperative partnership with many famous medical companies and research institutions including the Merck, JNJ, Baozhilin, Dongyu Consulting Company and Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. By focusing on investments related to big health industry and introducing resources and financial support, Harvest Holdings is going to build leading companies in big health industry and lead the further development of it.

We have more than 20 investment cases and the amount of money involved is over 3billion and accumulated approximately 40 high quality big health medical and biotechnological projects.

To expand domestic markets, Harvest Holdings and Xiamen Po Chi lam Co., Ltd found the Jiangxi Po Chi lam Biotechnology Co., Ltd together in 2018 and signed up land contract with Linchuan District Government of Jiangxi Province to build a big health industrial park. As a result, the Jiangxi Po Chi lam Co., Ltd will become the production base of its brand in mainland China.