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Our Businesses: Mining development andM&A, jewelry, international finance, import and export trade, overseasinfrastructure construction and international travelling.

Operation Background: Following the Beltand Road Strategy, our group makes positive business layouts along ASEAN andAfrican countries as well as establish projects in infrastructure construction,import and export trade, mining resources and international financial serviceto contribute to the internationalization of RMB and development of regionaleconomy.

Operation Method: Our group will developprojects in bilateral trade of advanced products, harbour and industrial parkconstruction, merge and acquisition of international high-quality assets,international travelling as well as financial services with some nations.

Project Advantages: We incorporated aninternational financial group in Singapore and international jewelry group inDubai. Meanwhile, we signed cooperative agreement with the Capital Rice, thebiggest rice dealer in Thailand, Government of Republic of Namibia and ASEANBusiness Alliance. Our group has become the shareholder of Henela IslandInvestment, Namibia, and acquired import quota for beef and rice.

Headquartered in Singapore and Incorporatedunder the Belt and Road Strategy with RMBsinternationalization background, Harvest International Financial Group is atransnational financial group dedicates in promoting the internationalizationof RMB as well as providing financial services for enterprises among the Beltand Road.

The groups businesses includeinternational asset merge and acquisition, international RMB settlement,trading financial service, government industry fund, international trust,private equity, finance lease, factoring, disposition of non-performing asset,asset securitization, overseas listing consultation, international securityunderwriting and issuance.

Operation Philosophy: Discussion,Collaboration, All-win and co-share

Our Career

Time is changing, the development of realeconomy has upgraded the demand for financial services once again. Thedevelopment direction of both industry and finance depends on the deepunderstanding on the relationship between industry and capital as well as theerection of financing bridge. Oriented by demands and based on internationalcapital markets with talents as core competitiveness, our internationalfinancial services is capable of serving real economy in all aspects.

We have acquired private equity fundlicense, finance lease license, commercial factoring license and non-performingasset disposition license in China. In Hong Kong, we have acquired financiallicenses NO.1, 2, 4 and 9, together with qualifications of petty loan andinsurance service. In Singapore, we have hold fund management license andbusinesses including providing overseas bond-issuing service and merge servicefor unlisted companies and state-owned enterprises. In Namibia, we have hold aninternational insurance company, as well as acquired financial licensesincluding bank, insurance, trust, asset management, petty loan and fundmanagement.

We keep paying close attention to economicinformation as well as capital direction worldwide so that we can providefinancial services such as international investment and financing, IPOconsulting for enterprises together with fund capital management service forinvestors and shareholders.

International jewelry group in Dubai

Harvest Holdings Group has established aninternational jewelry group with Mr. Chow Stephen Shue Tong and Al HabtoorGroup.

Incorporated in Dubai, the business scopewill spread over the world. Products of the jewelry group mainly locates ashigh-end luxurious brand and targets at customers including loyal families,socialites and high level consumers. Harvest Holdings, Mr. Chow Stephen ShueTong and Al Habtoor Group will make furthest use of their advantages to worktogether in industrial capital, upstream material, product design, marketingchannel and brand construction to build a jewelry brand union.

Harvest Mining Group in Namibia

Harvest Holdings Group has fully merged theHenela Island Investment in Namibia in 2018, as well as acquired 23 miningrights including precious metals, diamonds, gems and dolomite. Products fromthese mining areas are highly appreciated by customers because of its highquality and value.

In 2019, our group signed equity transferagreement about 20% of equity of diamond mine No. 6822 with Iron Will Investment so that two sides can develop mining resources inNamibia together as well as enhance the managing efficiency of the diamond mineNo.6822.