High-tech Leader

Our Businesses: Investments in high-tech,high-growth, popular and innovative companies

Operation Background: China’s economicaldevelopment mode has been transformed from factor-driving toinnovation-driving, therefore, only those companies with scientific research aswell as innovation ability can own the speaking right of future market. HarvestHoldings has been dedicated in investment opportunities in high-tech field, bycombing capital strength with excellent research team, we can promote thedevelopment of service industry as well as bring up more valuable achievementsfor the nation’s high-tech industry.

Operation Method: We will invest relevantcompanies by capital infusion, so that we can assist the development of targetentity with financial tools and our unique resources to achieve the prospectivegoal better and quicker.

Project Advantages: We have establishedcooperative relationship with Chinese Academy of Science, Mige Lab and XiamenHarvest Capital to acquire the newest information about high-tench andhigh-growth companies nationwide. Currently we have successfully investedfuture potential companies including Beijing Lvxiaoqing Agricultural ScienceCo., Ltd, Xiamen Linesafety Tech Co., Ltd, Xiamen YiTang Culture Tech Co., Ltd,Shenzhen DianXianMian Block Chain Tech Co., Ltd and Shenzhen Little Number AllMedia Co., Ltd.