Builder of Beautiful Life Complex

With the development of science, society and urbanization, both cities and its residents need new supporting facilities and property service. The transformation of business and living habits also generate new form of property and format.

Based on real estate, industrial park and cultural tourism town and supported by innovation and profession and oriented by promoting client’s experience, Harvest Real Estate provides abundant format supporting facilities and professional services for new economy, new business and new life.

Advantages of Harvest Real Estate:

Operational mode: We positively innovate new commercial mode, enrich the connotation of format and improve the user experience.

Way of layout: We merged Shenzhen Impression Business Management Co., Ltd and reached strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Elite Dream Valley Business Development Co., Ltd in 2018.

Financial innovation: We are trying to connect real estate and capital together, exploring the path for capitalization of commerce.

Transformation of format: We will speed up combination of office resources and bring in innovation of new retail.

According to the due diligence and detailed analysis of surrounding business environments and developing location, Harvest Real Estate will transform the Quanzhou Jialin Square into a thematic complex of multiple formats mode and demands.