Harvest Holdings was founded in 2017 and is headquatered in Shenzhen. The group consists of the parent company, Shenzhen Harvest Holdings Group Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Harvest Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Yibao Culture Development Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Lvshuiqingshan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd, Lvxiaoqing Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd, Jiangxi Po Chi Lam Biotechnology Co., Ltd, Beijing Guoyuan Think Tank Co., Ltd and so on. The group specializes in distributing industrial transformation and value creation by making fully use of financial tools and capital thoughts under the new era, new environment and new normal. Currently, the company has acquired licenses of private equity, financial leasing and commercial factoring.

We regard national financial policy as its orientation and professional talents as its core competitiveness. We firmly hold our ground in capital market and provide comprehensive services for real economy. The businesses of our subsidiary companies cover a wide range of field including real estate development, property management, new retail, cultural tourism, big health, comprehensive education, supply chain, agricultural technology, smart manufacturing and asset management. As a result, we have formed a closed loop ecosystem that links investment, finance, management and refund for real economy, authentically practice the core value of serving the real economy through capital.

The contributed capital of the parent company is 100million Yuan. Apart from the fast development of target companies that we invested in, the group has also ushered new strategic investors and stepped into a new stage. The Linchuan Industry and Technology Innovation Investment Co., Ltd, which belongs to the Bureau of Finance of Linchuan District, invested Harvest Holdings strategically with a stake of 20%. Meanwhile, the Shanghai Tianlan Enterprise Development Co., Ltd, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Lantian Headquaters which is a central enterprise belongs to the Ministry of Agriculture invested Harvest Holdings with a stake of 29%. As a result, Harvest Holdings has become a mixed-ownership industrial holding group consists of state-owned enterprises, central enterprises and private capital.

Harvest Holdings homes many elite consultant group and talents. Our consultants and talents are both professional and effective, with backgrounds of working at the Central Bank, state ministries and commissions, China Development Bank, and the Ivy League. All of them are our foundation and guarantee for the sustained development of the company. Having implemented the preliminary development plans, the company is now on its way to setting up subsidiaries and direct branch companies in many cities including Shenzhen, Hongkong, Beijing, Xiamen, Dalian, Suzhou, Fochow, Fuqing, Sanming, Harbin, Fuzhou, Nanchang, Yudu, and Tianjin.